About the event:

Gillian Cribbs deconstructs the “Leadership Myth” and presents the 5 key aspects of successful leadership. This interactive session will include how to step-up and lead with authenticity at any point in your career.

Gillian Cribbs is an Executive Coach and Consultant. Over the last 18 years she has worked extensively across Europe, the US, Asia, Africa and the Middle East delivering leadership programmes, one-to-one and team coaching and workshops on personal branding, coaching skills for managers and conflict resolution.

Gillian runs her own practice, Credo Consulting, in London and is a long-time associate of The London Business School, IMD (Switzerland), Said Business School (Oxford) and HHL Business School (Leipzig). Before becoming a coach and facilitator Gillian was Management Editor of the Financial Times and contributor on leadership and management issues to Harvard Online.


  • Gillian Cribbs, Credo Consulting

Event Details:

Tuesday, November 25th

9:00 AM - 10:00 AM GMT

Zoom details will be sent to registrants prior to the event.


Stepping up to Leadership

November 25th, 2020 


Private Credit Funds and the Leveraged Loan Market

December 1st, 2020 

About the Event: 

Please join us for an engaging conversation with four senior women in private credit to discuss the current state of the loan market, investor sentiment, expectations for 2021 and more. Representing different organizations and roles in the market, the panelists each bring a unique perspective to the discussion.



  • Nancy Becker, Director, Loan Syndications, Wells Fargo


  • Bettina Baban, Managing Director, Investor Relations, Audax Private Debt

  • Kristine Jurczyk, Managing Director, Vista Credit Partners

  • Karen Lau , Portfolio Manager, Onex Credit

  • Kelli O'Connell, Managing Director, Head of Asset Management, NXT Capital

Event Details:

Tuesday, December 1st

 11:30 am -12:30 pm EST

Zoom details will be sent to registrants prior to the event.


Personal Presentation Ltd

December 7th, 2020 

About the Event: 

Evolved over 30 years, it unites head, heart and body so that your personal communication works at its best – whether it’s a conversation, meeting, interview, presentation or pitch.

In this one hour introduction, we’ll look at:

  • How to be visible as you wherever you go.

  • What drives people’s perception of us – and the Perception Gap.

  • The difference between an amateur and a professional approach to communication.

  • How we can take more control of the way we are seen, and boost our confidence, impact and effectiveness in any situation – even in those wobbly places (and we nearly all have them!) where you may perhaps feel exposed, uncomfortable or vulnerable.

  • A sample of the ‘performance toolkit’.

  • How these techniques apply to ‘telepresence’ when communicating via virtual platforms.

The coaching is highly practical, and the session will give you some great take-outs that you can start to use straightaway. And it should be fun!


  • Cat Elliott Winter, Personal Presentation Ltd

  • Lara Danobeitia, Personal Presentation Ltd

Event Details:

Tuesday, December 7th

 11:00 am -12:00 pm EST

Zoom details will be sent to registrants prior to the event.




February 12                    Networking Boat Trip, Miami

February 12-14            FFA Global Symposium, Miami

February 20                    Wit & Wisdom 2019 Recap


March 19                         Lead Like a Woman by Mastering the Power Game- POSTPONED

March 19                         WFF London: Confident Anywhere- POSTPONED

March 25                         California Networking Event in Los Angeles- POSTPONED

March 26                         California Networking Event in Palo Alto- POSTPONED

May 7                                 Wit & Wisdom 2020- POSTPONED

May 27                              WFF Global State of the Market

June 10                             WFF Europe: The Impact of COVID-19 on Fund Finance Deals

June 24                             WFF Asia: Industry 4.0 - Keeping Pace with Change

July 1                                 WFF US: Real Estate

July 8                                 WFF US: Career Progression in the time of COVID

August 5                          WFF Asia: Fireside Chat with Shellye Archambeau

August 6                          WFF Europe: Fireside Chat with Shellye Archambeau

August 10                       WFF US: Fireside Chat with Shellye Archambeau

September 9                 WFF US: A Conversation with Lauren Herring

September 23              WFF US: Private Equity Secondaries Update

October 7                      WFF Europe: Wit & Wisdom- Return to Work

October 29                   WFF US: Building & Maintaining Healthy Working Relationships

November 10              WFF US: A Conversation with Leading Women in Energy

November 12              WFF Asia & UK: Personal Presentation Ltd - Confident Anywhere 

November 25              WFF UK: Stepping up to Leadership

December 1                 WFF US: Corporate Dept Panel

December 7                 WFF US: Personal Presentation Ltd - Confident Anywhere

March 8                           Wit & Wisdom 1:  Networking in Male-Dominated Fields, New York

March 13                        Return to Work, London


March 24                        Networking Boat Trip, Miami


March 25-26                FFA Global Symposium, Miami


April 10                            Professional Development Coaching, New York

May 1                                Board-Ready Bootcamp (invitation only), New York


May 7                                Movie Screening and Networking Social, Hong Kong


May 9                                Art and Cocktail Networking Reception, New York


May 16                             Wit & Wisdom 2: Working Through Female Stigmas & Stereotypes, New York

June 12                            Peloton Studio and Networking Event, New York

June 19                            Networking Social and Film Screening, London


June 20                            FFA Europe Symposium, London

June 26                            Public Speaking Skills Presentation and Networking Event, Hong Kong


July 18                              Wit & Wisdom 3: Advocating for Yourself, New York

July 25                              Wit & Wisdom London 1: Networking in Male-Dominated Fields, London


September 18               Wit & Wisdom 4: Navigating Gender Inequality, Diversity and Inclusivity Barriers, New York


September 25               FFA Asia Pacific Symposium, Hong Kong


September 26              Wit & Wisdom London 2

October 9                       Heard through the Grapevine: A Conversation with Sunaina Sethi

October 10                    Wit & Wisdom New York: Career Negotiations

October 23                    Wit & Wisdom London: Working Through Female Stigmas & Stereotypes

November 18               Tips for Board of Directors When Everyone Is Stressed, New York

November 27               Wit & Wisdom London

December 10               Branding Photography Event


Women in Fund Finance has hosted a series of networking events focused on diversity, career advocacy and women in the boardroom.

On Wednesday, 19 June 2019, WFF hosted a drinks, nibbles and networking event at the beautiful Ham Yard Hotel in SoHo. This was the second event hosted by WFF in London for 2019, and the event was well attended by a mix of professionals from sponsors, banks, and law firms. Following the networking portion of the evening, attendees were invited to a screening of the film “RBG”, a documentary released in 2018 which explores U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s rise to fame. WFF Europe will begin its “Wit and Wisdom” event series in London over the coming months, and will host its next large networking event in London in September/October. 

Events include:

* Socials including the screening of the film "Equity" and photography exhibition.

* Women on Boards discussion and networking in London and NYC featuring Trewstar, Carlyle, Deloitte, Wells Fargo, Direct Women and EA Hughes.

* Career Advocacy roundtable and panel discussion in London and NYC featuring: TPG, Blackstone, JC Flowers ad Wells Fargo.

* Speed Networking event in NYC featuring presentation training from The Latimer Group and attended by more than 120 female executives.

* Career Workshops. WFF Europe held its first career breakfast with negotation skills by Christine Brown-Quinn, The Female Capitalist® training specially for  junior to mid-level female executives in fund finance.

* Paris Industry Outlook, featuring Natixis, Validus, DWS, IK Investment Partners, McDermott, Will & Emery.

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